PILproject, The One, The
(2017) – Art Gene –

Post-Internet Landscapes (PILproject) explores the possibilities of GIF and meme formats as a material suitable for artistic and cultural discourse, by taking advantage of new media features through collection and archival methods. Based on ideas such as anachronism, dialogue, popular culture, disruption, folklore and behavioural migrations, the project questions how these tendencies can interpret the vast cultural and creative internet manifestations, developing new approaches to social, historical or political understandings.
PIL is comprised of Alejandro Ball and Juan Crespo.

Alejandro Ball is a Peruvian/American new media artist, curator, and fabricator practicing between London and Dundee. His work and interests lie in the exploration of language as social coding and its integration into human culture and consciousness through new media practices and sonic elements. He has collaborated with various institutions including: Visual Research Centre, DCA, in Dundee, me Collectors Room in Berlin, the Whitechapel Gallery in London, Five Years Gallery in London, among others.

Juan Crespo works and lives in London. He graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, where he also completed his MA, "Artistic Production and Research”. Crespo’s work is informed by local myths, folk heritage and a de-colonial approach to history, which is formalised through a variation of archival gestures, installations or new media projects. He has exhibited with various institutions including: Foco, in Lisbon, Chalton Gallery, in London, Window Space, in London, Galeria Senda, in Barcelona, La Panera, in Lleida, among others.